A Few Cannabis Strains to Try This Summer

Summer, summer, summer time! Summer is upon us and there’s no time better to get high baby! It’s the best time for cannabis smokers ready to get their hands on a little herb. Tons of great cannabis strains for summer set the mood for fun, relaxation, and excitement for you and your crew.

Sativa or Indica?

Sativa and Indica are two popular types of cannabis classifications. There’s also hybrid, which is a mixture of sativa and indica. You should learn more about the strains and the attributes they create to ensure you get the best high of all highs.

With so many great strains available, why not try one (or five) from each and get a good sampling of variety?

cannabis strains for summer

Best Summer Cannabis Strains

Two new strains available this summer are Insane Stuffed French Toast and Strawberries and Cream. Each new strain has plenty of THC power mixed with all the benefits you want when enjoying a little herb, whether with a group of smokers or when flying solo.

Animal Face will also do you right for the summer. With awesome blends of cake and lemon flavors, the smooth hit and high 23 to 29 THC percentage ensure this strain joins your list of favorites.

And finally, try Mint Sour, a Sour Diesel offspring. The sativa dominant hybrid has deep green, sticky buds and about 21.3% THC content. This is the strain you want when it is easy. It is the motto for the day.

Tried & True Favorites

Along with the new summer strains, keep a supply of your favorites on hand. Strains like Charlie Sheen, Gorilla Glue, Purple Kush, and Afghani always give the smooth high that you deserve when life is great and the weather is good.

Three Common Types of Migraines and What Causes Them 

Migraines are classified as severe headaches, often with more intense and painful throbs, pulses, and jabs in the neck, face, and nape of the neck. It might feel like a building pressure inside of your skull. Or it might feel like a hot, sharp, consistent stab in your temple.

In this article, you will learn about the three common types of migraines, and what causes them. Hopefully, this information will help you better cope with headaches and migraines in the future.

1) The Silent Migraine

This migraine type is tricky because you get all of the symptoms without the pain. It leads to heavy confusion because of the blurriness in vision and overall loss of concentration. The best way to cope with a silent migraine is through tracking the symptoms, then bringing the signs up with your doctor for a diagnosis.

2) The Chronic Migraine

This kind of migraine affects more than half of people with headache disorders. Chronic is classified as someone with 15 or more headaches within a month; eight of those with migraine symptoms, like auras, light and sound sensitivity, and loss of focus and memory.

3) The Ocular Migraine

This kind of migraine is rare, but it can be recurrent in people unlucky enough to experience it. Frequent ocular migraines could be a sign of a more serious condition. Medical professionals believe that changes within the ocular nerve cells or spasms in the retina’s blood vessels are the cause of this kind of migraine.

Symptoms include:

·    Intense head or base of skull pain from 4 to 72 hours.

·    Sensitivity to light and sound.

·    Blurry vision, blind spots, or partial blindness in one eye.

The Difference for Everyone

Frequent ocular migraines

There’s no right or wrong way for someone to experience a migraine. Everyone is different, and there are new migraine types being discovered all the time. It’s an ever-changing condition within the category of headache disorders.