Understanding The Signs Of Cancer

Cancer is something that we never want to hear.  When we hear this word we start to freak out and believe the end of the world is coming in a day.  However, this is not always the case.  When we have cancer it is something that we need to deal with and with different treatment options it can be beaten.

For many of us, colorectal cancer in Georgetown is a scary prospect.  Our colon and bowels are very important to our overall health.  If we have tumors or other issues with our bowels, we may have trouble eating and taking in nourishment.  If you are experiencing issues or know someone who is, here are some signs you can look for.  However, getting a medical diagnosis is always best.

Know your habits

Everyone is different.  We all can’t be put on a bathroom schedule and we can’t always go on command.  Different things will affect how we use the bathroom and void our bowels.  However, over time we can determine a pattern of usage.  For example, if you go in the morning and then in the evening then you know you are regular.  If you go once on Monday and then again on Friday, then you might want to talk to someone.

Blood in your stool

You want to look at your stool.  Yes, I know it is gross, but you have to do it.  If it looks normal, then you can flush.  However, if it is really dark, darker than usual and if you see blood, then you may want to go and have yourself checked out.  You should not see dark or bloody stool.

Abdominal pain

colorectal cancer in Georgetown

You should not experience cramping or other pains.  If you feel them after eating a lot of after eating something that doesn’t agree with you then okay.  However, if you have constant pain and discomfort this is not normal. Seek out medical attention no matter if you think it is nothing.