Tips For Enhancing Your Memory When You Get Older

When we get older our memoires start to fade or become jumbled up.  We start to forget names, places, dates and other specifics of situations that occurred to us in life.  For some people this can be a scary situation, but you don’t have to go through it alone.  When we get older, we can deal with memory care in Draper UT to assist us in our golden years.  Before that however, here are a few tricks and techniques to help improve your memory.


Puzzles are great to help improve the mind.  When you are presented with a puzzle you are forcing parts of your mind to work together in ways that they typically don’t.  This helps to increase energy and other factors to keep us healthy and sharp.


Many people have turned away from reading.  Those that have continued to read will read computer screens, phone screens and other electronic devices.  What you need to do is read a physical book.  When we read a physical book there is a different connection made in the brain that helps increase brain activity. 

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Tell stories

We love social media, creating videos and doing weird stuff online.  However, we need to tell stories to others.  When we tell stories we are passing along information about our lives and situations and experiences we have had in life.  We are also using our creativity which also helps stimulate our brains into coming up with new ideas and advancing our knowledge and understanding.


You also need to give your brain a rest for a while.  You want to shut down your brain for several hours a day so everything that you have learned and experienced has a chance to take hold.  When we are tired we tend to forget things and mix and mingle events into different situations.  When working on your memory take all of these components to heart and you will start seeing great results.