Why Do A Brain Scan?

If a brain scan is to be done, then it is likely that the specialist medical practitioner will be scheduling a CT scan. He could, however, also schedule an mri brain scan in New Jersey. In both cases, the examination procedure will be non-invasive. Specialised X-ray measurements are required to produce axial images of the brain. The medical practitioners will often be referring to slices in this case.

mri brain scan in New Jersey

The CT scans have the ability to provide detailed information on the brain’s tissues and its structures, more so than standard X-rays. More data related to injuries, illnesses and/or diseases which all potentially negatively impact the brain can now be disseminated by the presiding examiner. During the actual scan, an X-ray beam will be moving in a circle around the body. This circular motion allows for a number of different views of the brain.

The images produced are merely two-dimensional, but they are deemed to be sufficient by the medical practitioner. Brain scans can be done with or without what they refer to as ‘contrast’. This refers to substances taken by mouth or placed intravenously. These cause organs or tissues focused on to be seen a lot more clearly. Should the contrast exam be recommended or prescribed, the patient would be required to fast prior to the procedure.

To reiterate, the full gamut of procedures to examine the brain run as follows; the MRI brain scan, the use of X-rays, PET or positron emission tomography scanning, and the cerebral arteriogram. All such exams, as recommended or prescribed by the presiding specialist, are critical and necessary in order to ensure the proper functioning of the brain. Because without the brain, the human body ca just about be rendered redundant.

So if you have got a persistent headache, go and see your doctor.